Leopard 44 Sporting the Trogear AS-40

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Thanks Colin Mack of Mack Sails in Florida for posting this shot of the Trogear AS-40 mounted and rigged up on a new Leopard 44. Got a view of the Mack Sails Code 0 furled up and ready for action. Looking forward to the shots on the water!

The Trogear bowsprit is a perfect solution for Catamarans…


“We are extremely pleased with our new Trogear bowsprit. The Trogear people made a custom bracket for our crossbeam on our Leopard 44, so that it folds up and down in seconds. They have also worked closely with Mack Sails to make sure the rigging is right on. Thanks Yvonne and Henry for all the personal care!”  
~Ron and Trish Miller aboard Content in the Abacos

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