Bowsprits For Sailboats 20′-70′

Made from carbon fiber, the Trogear Adjustable Bowsprits are lightweight, strong and easy to use. The Trogear’s solid, triangular design offers the best weight to strength ratio on the market.

Uniquely designed with a hinged installation and adjustable bobstay, it can be placed upright to attach sails or stow at the dock. The luff tension of the sail is adjustable from the cockpit via a control line.

It is an ideal aftermarket solution for your sailboat, and facilitates flying Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Code 0s. It is suitable for monohull and multihull boats 20-70ft.

Trogear Bowsprit Specs:

Material: Custom made carbon fiber parts, bonded using high strength structural epoxy adhesive. The triangular frame has NO CF to metal bonds, which have a high probability of failure over time.
CF Surface Finish: All CF parts are professionally coated with automotive grade, UV Resistant Clear Polyurethane
Hinge Tube: G10 Fiberglass
Hinge Shafts: Titanium, Carbon Fiber or Anodized Aluminum
Attaching Hardware: Marine grade SS

CF Parts Care Recommendation:
Although parts are UV protected we recommend using a cover when not in use to prevent sun damage. UV protectants such as 303 Marine Aerospace Protectant are also available to protect from harmful UV Rays.

FEA Stress Simulation – Trogear Bowsprits

The structural strength of the Trogear bowsprit was validated by an independent engineering company. Calculated loads were compared to actual loads.

FEA Stress Calculations – Trogear Bowsprits