Mounting Options

The Trogear Bowsprit is uniquely designed to be installed via a hinge mount, and using an adjustable bobstay, to allow for vertical adjustment. Installing using a fixed bobstay is also possible if desired. Possibilities include, below deck, on top of the deck or attached to the anchor roller.

Each situation is unique, and which method is best for your yacht depends on its design and also your preferences.

Through Hull Installation

The preferred installation method is to install a fiberglass hinge tube across the bow. It is located about 2″ from the top of the deck and about 10-13″ aft from the tip of the bow (specific placement depends on your yacht and selected bowsprit). The hinge tube is glassed into the hull, though the bowsprit is removable.

Each bowsprit includes the parts needed for installation through hull:

  • G10 fiberglass hinge tube
  • Hinge shaft
  • Marine grade SS attachment hardware

Additional Mounting Options

Select a mounting option below to see more information and the possible suitability for your yacht.

Custom Mounting Options

Some yachts require custom installation solutions. We have worked closely with owners and riggers worldwide to advise on best methods and even design attachment parts as needed.

Send us shots of your yacht’s bow from front and sides as well as a couple of measurements across the bow, and we can come up with a solution.