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Trogear is proudly sponsoring SOLARUS, the J130 bound for Bermuda June 17th as part of the 50th Newport Bermuda Race. It is fitted with the Trogear AS-50 mounted using a custom, stainless steel bracket designed bySkipper/owner Noel Sterrett with input from Trogear’s founder. As most know, almost all J boats come with a bowsprit straight from the factory. However, not being designed for Code 0 loads, they lacked a bobstay which is necessary to keep the high luff tension. Our solution, with hinge mount installation and adjustable bobstay, offers a better distribution of loads, the ability to adjust the luff tension more easily and reduces the weight in the bow. Noel’s bracket design places the bowsprit on deck and is removable.

Noel has entered the double handed category, and we are excited to follow his progress and then hear about his experiences during the 635 miles, through the Gulf Stream and on to St. David’s Lighthouse in Bermuda.

Good Luck Noel, and have fun!

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