ATLAS 1000

The ATLAS is especially suited for racers with boats up to ~50ft. (up to 16m).  

Base model includes parts needed for Through Hull install:

  • G10 Fiberglass hinge tube
  • Hinge shaft: Titanium or Carbon Fiber w/bolts
  • Marine grade bolts and washers

ATLAS Dual Tack Option (+$150)

Optional second attachment point on our ATLAS bowsprits, to allow attaching smaller running sails, such as Code0, closer to the bow for a better sail balance. Typically, the Code 0 sail does not need the same extension as an Asymmetrical Spinnaker, and there is the option to use the aft bushing, but does not need to be used.

Note: Due to the design of our bowsprits, with the dual tack option, it is preferred to have a bobstay connected to both attachment points when in use.

Does not include parts for the bobstay rigging.

3-year warranty.




  • Length: 73.3″ (186cm)
  • Weight: 11 lbs (5kg)
  • Ext. past bow: ~61″ (155cm)
  • Inside width at hinge: 11.6″(29.5cm)
  • Hinge tube material & OD: G10 Fiberglass 1 3/8″ (35mm)
  • Shaft material: Titanium or Carbon Fiber
  • Bushing: Titanium
  • Max Asymm: 2150ft2 (200m2)
  • Max Code 0: 1680ft2 (160m2)
  • *SWL: 4400 lbs (2000 kg)

*Safe Working Load (SWL):
The SWL is the maximum load created by the bobstay on the bowsprit at the attachment point of the bobstay (30deg. angle) to the bowsprit.

Need help deciding? Please send us an email with pictures of your boat’s bow and measurements, and we will advise on the best solution. info@trogearusa.com