Side Mounts

Carbon Fiber Mounts for installing the Trogear Bowsprit below deck. Suitable for yachts with narrow bows around 40 degrees including trimarans.

When using these side mounts, the Bowsprit attachment point is moved forward offering more extensions past the bow.

Suitable for AS-30R and AS-40, AS-50 and ATLAS bowsprits.


  • If installing with the AS-50 or ATLAS, then a through hull installation using the titanium shaft is also required.
  • Quick release system is only possible if the installation is also through hull using the titanium shaft. The bowsprit remains removable, however.





  • Plain spherical bearings for perfect alignment of stub shafts with the bowsprit
  • Bolted to the hull at three points
  • Side mounts allow for vertical adjustment of the bowsprit
  • Coated with automotive grade, UV resistant clear polyurethane